The Pandemic

Kaycy Rivera

I couldn't believe when my  doctor called and told me to stay at home and not go to my appointment that it was scheduled in a few days.  It was March 8th, 2020 I just came back from Marist High School's retreat. I Was so happy it was first time my parents allowed me to sleep in a different State by myself.  I was looking forward to summer and senior year to start. I was ready to enjoy life and find a new school since Marist was closing its doors, I am still sad about it. I wanted to get to know my new classmates and do all the things that teenagers do in senior year. We never thought that this was gonna be this serious that almost 600,000 people will going to die I and that the world was going to stop.

At the beginning of the pandemic since i couldn't go outside I felt like when I was sick during those days of isolation. Those bad feelings rush to my head. But like everyone else I adapted,  I started thinking of ways to keep myself occupied not to think. For a long time i was always watching the news and all the information about the pandemic and how Covid 19 was changing the world but one day I decided that I needed to keep myself occupied doing my yoga and doing all the things that kept me positive. Positvity got me through cancer and Positvity would get me through quarantine. 

I was so scared to go outside that I stayed in the house for 180 days. When things started coming down I started going to stores but with all the precautions necessary. Mind you we were selling our house at that time so I will lock myself in my room while the house showing was being shown. We sold the house and we had to move. I didn't get out a lot after moving either but the change of scenery helped me to stay positive and it increased my desires to be vaccinated and go on with my life.

Yesterday I received my 2nd dose of the vaccine. Remember that life is getting better every day and just remember when you are in a situation that you cannot change just try to adjust. We have the capacity to find ways to keep yourself happy, find ways to entertain yourself and there are a lot of online activities that you can do To stay connected and safe. 

Keep the people around you that you love and care for in your bubble. check up on them you know everyone needs a reassuring positivity. You never know how others might be feeling and by showing a little bit of positivity it might make their day. I know there will be sad days but those are days you cry, you wipe your tears and you go on because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. There is always going to be there for you so don’t feel lonely and if you feel like it is too much there are many organizations that can help. Happiness is something that you create every day.

Kaycy Rivera