Overcoming Difficulties!

Katiuska Tejada-Rivera

It doesn't matter how difficult life is or the circumstances you are living in this moment,  nothing in this lifetime is permanent.  We fall in love, we break up, we think we will never love again but time heals and that "nobody will love me" feeling goes away.  Nothing in this lifetime is permanent.  In our case we were in the hospital, at times we thought that part of our live were going to be forever but time passed and KC got better, we left the hospital and she continued getting better, then we had to get use to a new normal.  That time passed. KC got better, we got stronger, we learn lessons that we would like to share with you. Now enjoy this quote from the Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu :

"Nothing in this world is softer or weaker than water, Yet nothing is better at overcoming the hard and strong".

Share your experiences overcoming circumstances with us. 

Kateri (MoM)